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Helping you with the right technology to take you further, faster!

Realise Your Business Strategy Goals By Using The Right Technology. As “right” differs between businesses, so each transformation is unique.

The concept of employing the right technology changes from business to business. This is no surprise as each business is unique in its people, strategy, focus, value model, etc.

What are your targets and more specifically your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)? Is your digital business technology aligned with these OKRs?

Whether you are looking at a whole digital business transformation to join the [r]evolution or simply enhancing [a portion of] your technology suite, support in executing on your targets is essential.

You shouldn’t need to cover all the bases alone. Nobody can . Knowing this, we have taken the approach of forming strategic partnerships that we leverage to deliver solutions for your business, whether it’s general IT desktop support service, Business Process Automation (BPA), Smart Mining Solutions, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning (BCP / BRP / DRP / DR), Vendor Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deployment, Project Management, IT Strategy, CEO/CIO alignment assessments, and much more.

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Digital Transformation

Gartner Inc. describes Digital Business Transformation (DBT) as "the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust new digital business model" and Digital Business as "the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds".

These are great definitions. They capture the essence of the digitisation and digitalisation wave that is an imperative for those in the C-suite, and operations, and marketing, and legal, and the list goes on.

The [potential] implications/risks are far reaching and cannot be ignored; similarly the [potential] advantages present great potential for a diverse range of businesses to seize.

Some examples:

  • Paper forms to digital capture
  • Data-driven process enhancement
  • Enhanced decision support and reporting
  • Tailored solutions and integrations
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistants* / AI Chatbots for enhanced customer experience for general enquiries, order processing or complex, bespoke workflows
  • Robotic & Intelligent Process Automation (RPA/IPA/IA) using UiPath tooling*
  • Event stream processing (Apache Kafka)

* including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) enabled processing


Business Technology

Information Technology (IT) is a crucial and necessary component of any business. However, IT can be difficult to understand for those outside the industry! Simply put, the technology is there to enable the business and its operations. We, therefore, prefer using the term Business Technology (BT).

It can seem challenging when looking at new ways to enhance your business with technology - ANNATIS Digital Solutions are here to help. From strategy and design, to project management and deployment, we'll be there for every step in building solutions that drive results.

BT encompasses a wide range of tech that integrates your business operations, internally and externally. Increasingly this includes components beyond the physical boundaries of your company with the wide adoption of cloud services, APIs, and other tools for interoperability across and between companies. Add to this automation, IoT, [hyper]personalisation, and other emerging technologies all generating data; things can easily become complicated to manage.

Through services like our Virtual CIO consultation, we are here to help you address your Business Technology. Using Enterprise Architecture principles and other industry best practices, we'll help you attain the goal of a tailored fit-for purpose